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Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Gordon Lewis studied art at the University of Regina under renowned Canadian artists Ted Godwin, Jack Cowin and Jack Sures. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in art and economics. After a 27-year career with Environment Canada, Gordon retired in 2002 and became a full-time painter.

Primarily a landscape painter, Gordon’s work reflects his prairie roots. He notes, “Landscape inspires and informs the images I paint, which is natural considering my years spent working with Environment Canada and my continuing love of outdoor pursuits like skiing, hiking and fly fishing. I never engage in these pursuits without a camera, and seldom venture outside without one.

I am always on the lookout or am actively searching for that great scene which just grabs me at a visceral level and which causes me to have to turn it into a painting. If my initial excitement at discovering such a scene can be transferred to the viewer, then the painting is successful.

A lot of my work to date has been focused on the autumn landscape because of the vivid colours, warm light and long shadows which characterize that season. Most of these images have been of areas of Wascana Park and Wascana Creek along the Devonian pathways in Regina.

Recently my artistic interest has expanded to also include the Qu’Appelle Valley and the prairie region of southwest Saskatchewan and Alberta to the foothills. These images are more open vistas and focus on the vastness and diversity of these areas and on the sky above. The interaction between the ever changing sky and the landscape of this vast area at different times of day, especially daybreak and sundown and under different weather conditions and seasons of the year, provide a new source of fascination and inspiration for my paintings.”

Selected Media
- Press -
Arabella Magazine, Spring 2013
“A Country Road,” Arabella Magazine, Fall 2012

Selected Public and Corporate Collections
Carscallen LLP
Greystone Managed Investments
Mackie Research
Saskatchewan Government Insurance
The Co-operators
Saskatchewan Government Services
City of Regina
City View Dental
KPMG Enterprises
Sandra Jackson CGA Prof Corp
Regina Lakeview Dental Centre
Dr. P. Rondeau Professional Corporation
Novus Energy
Coral Hill Energy