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Susan Rankin



“Through the past 22 years as a glass artist, I have explored the idea of garden through my work. As an avid gardener I have a passionate interest in flowers. In the summer, I spend each morning wandering amongst the new blooms to cut a flower from the chaos of the garden display for the bouquet in the house. During the winter months, I focus on my imaginary garden, expressing the joy of flowers in my blown glass objects.

The Flower Vase series captures the beauty of the bloom on a vessel and is both decorative and functional. The pieces enhance the bouquet of fresh-cut flowers when in use and return you to thoughts of the garden when empty.

Inspired by the garden, pieces from the Column series may be installed singularly or in groups, inside or outside. The solid, worked glass components work in the garden in all four seasons, bringing light and form to the garden.”

Selected Media
- Press -
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Selected Collections
Corning Museum
Claridge Collection
Michel-Pierre Grenier Collection
Saskatchewan Arts Board
Winnipeg Art Gallery
SkyDome, Toronto
USB Bank (Canada)
Department of Foreign Affairs
Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal
Glazen Huis, Flemish Centre for Contemporary Glass Art, Belgium